About Us
At Imperium Consultants, our vision is to help solo attorneys and law firms recover justice for more people in need. We focus on helping attorneys strategically position their firm’s name in front of the right people, allowing a greater number of new clients to contact their firm with speed, predictability and consistency.

Our mission to help law firm who are stuck in the legal practice stage, grow into successful law firm businesses with predictable and highly profitable digital marketing client acquisition systems.

Digital advertising finally surpassed TV ads as the go-to media for businesses in 2016. In fact, by 2020 digital ad spending in the U.S. is projected to outpace TV by 35 billion. While many law firms still rely heavily on TV ads, savvy firms are taking advantage of their competitor’s underutilization and ineffective use of this ad medium within their industry. People are searching for legal help online more than ever. 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine and 74% of legal prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the firm’s office via phone.

With several years of experience in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing innovative digital marketing projects to drive market impact and expansion for a variety of industries, we are committed to helping law firms grow by attracting quality new business with consistency.

Imperium Consultants is founded by entrepreneur Kenneth Buchanan, a graduate of York University in Toronto, Canada. After successfully completing 1L in pursuit of his Juris Doctor degree (J.D.), Kenneth decided to make a profound career change to marketing, allowing his superior creative and analytical skills to shine by adding value in the marketplace.

Ken has several years’ experience of creative digital marketing success, driven by his lifelong passion and competitive drive for excellence in sports, business and personal growth and development.
Kenneth has significant experience in managing large digital ad spends and has been able to consistently deliver profitable ROI for his clients. He's worked with some of the fastest growing boutique law firms and small businesses in Canada and the United States, allowing those businesses to excel in their respective local markets online.
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