Kenneth Buchanan Imperium Consultants
I help personal injury lawyers attract more quality cases with speed, predictability and consistency.
Are you a personal injury lawyer struggling to attract quality clients?

Today, 54% of law firms actively advertise to acquire new clients. Yet most law firms are gambling with their advertising budget because 91% of firms can’t calculate a return on their investment and 94% don’t know how much it costs to acquire a new client. Meanwhile, 64% of the firms that do know how much return on investment they get from advertising, expect to make 200-300% of what they spent.

My name is Kenneth Buchanan, and I help personal injury attorneys attract more clients by putting their firm's name in front of the right people. This allows more potential clients to contact their firm with speed, predictability and consistency, while delivering measureable ROI.  

If you are interested in attracting a consistent flow of new clients with predictability, contact us today at to learn how.